Intuition is the divine principle,
Vision is the spiritual realisation,
Mercury is the planet,
Sight is the sense,
Yellow is the colour,
Understanding is the human trait,
Peace is the dream,
Kindness is the virtue,
Harmony - Beauty - Art is the fruit of conflict,
Singing is the language,
Air is the element,
Raphael is the guardian angel.

In the 1st scene, the WORLD PARLIAMENT – as a cappella choir – is in session above the clouds on the top floor of a skyscraper or in a floating glass dome, accessible from glass elevators in which the parliamentarians arrive from below. The president introduces the topic of debate, love. The blue sky surrounds, and sometimes helicopters and doves fly by.

In the 2nd scene, ORCHESTRA FINALISTS, an orchestra is floating high up in the air from far away: individual soloists fly closer, each of them in and above his (her) own space. Telescopic observation reveals – corresponding to the music – a towering cathedral roof, aeroplanes flying over the sea, ships in a harbour, and many other scenes. The electronic music delineates 11 spaces. They follow each other in succession, are superimposed in three layers for various lengths of time, and are clearly differentiated through octophonic spatial projection.

Objects inherent to these spaces protrude out of the floor. Above this, each soloist floats back and forth in a particular way (each also flies at a different altitude), and during his solo synchronises the orchestra for five chords. At the end, all fly upwards in different directions, playing.

In the 3rd scene, HELICOPTER STRING QUARTET, the four musicians of a string quartet are airborne in four helicopters and synchronously play a polyphonic string quartet. They react to the rhythms of the rotor blades and to the flying of the helicopters by the pilots, who – through adequate rehearsals – can thus influence the playing of the musicians. From time to time the four string players play identical rhythms using the same bowing, although it is clear that they are isolated and kilometres apart.

As they play, the four musicians are transmitted by cameras and microphones to four towers of television screens and four towers of loudspeakers at the ground station for an audience. During this – through the glass cockpits of the helicopters – also the world can be seen from above.

The spiritual content of the 4th scene, MICHAELION, is the same as that of WORLD PARLIAMENT: collaboration, “cosmic solidarity”. The MICHAELION is a galactic centre for delegates of the universe. A new president is to be elected. Lucicamel is the favoured candidate and wins the election with a breath-taking Camel Dance. He is appointed WEDNESDAY from LIGHT closes with a sextet, which is sung surrounding the listeners and finally, resounding everywhere:

(Six vocalists stand surrounding the audience.)

Mankind, hear:
MICHAEL, EVE are healing the World,
LUCIFER will be changed through the music of LIGHT.
[: MI :]
(The vocalists rotate clockwise, holding the chord.)
Micha Luci Evaelferlu Micha
and all angels of Heaven praise GOD
with us, messengers from Michaelion!
Blessing brings praise.
Praise, gratitude for the miracles of the stars, planets.
All spirits turn themselves in spirals towards the Light of the World,
eternally climbing to GOD,
creating in the Universe.
Listen to the sound of the galaxies, magical music,
music of rotating tones, rushing noises, spectra.
[: CHA :]
Rejoice jubilate children,
rejoice, jubilate, rejoice jubilate,
for never have humans known so much
about the heavenly bodies, starry firmament!
Be glad: WEDNESDAY from LIGHT in the Michaelion
creates love hope courage
for Lucifer’s peace with GOD,
the creator of all universes, creatures.
[: EL :]
Music of the stars in the sky of the Almighty,
Dream of spheres in endless galaxies,
Formulas of infinitely numerous constellations,
Formulas for tones noises of LIGHT.
[: EVE forgive LUCIFER :]
LUCIFER, turn your spirit towards MICHAEL,
serve GOD’S law,
the fundamental of the universe.
MI-HI-CHA-EL, GOD’S Son, Cosmo-Creator, Cosmic Prince:
lead us to GOD’S everlasting light.
WEDNESDAY from LIGHT is the day of harmony:
Hear, humanity: in our voice
– voice of the Intuition –
is singing love forever
through solicitous formula music
in praise of GOD: