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Reviews by Albrecht Moritz

CD Reviews by Ingvar Loco Nordin

ARTINFO: OKTOPHONIE Experience with Kathinka Pasveer and Rirkrit Tiravanija

Stockhausen in New York Auf Socken in den Kosmos -

Review: In Space You Can Still Hear the Drones- NY Times

Review: Karlheinz Stockhausen's Oktophonie at the Park Avenue Armory:
A Sculptural Symphony in Space - Huffington Post

Stockhausen’s Surround-Sound "Oktophonie" Spellbinds at Park Avenue Armory -

Stockhausen's OKTOPHONIE at the Park Avenue Armory -

Live: Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Oktophonie” at New York’s Park Armory -

Ground Control to Karlheinz Stockhausen: ‘Oktophonie’ Alights
at Park Avenue Armory -

Karlheinz Stockhausen's OKTOPHONIE at the Park Avenue Armory Gramophone

OCTOPHONIE - March 20-27 in New York City
Park Avenue Armory

Review-Stockhausen, MICHAELION (German)

Review-Stockhausen, POLE (German)

The Unstageable Staged: Stockhausen's Mittwoch Aus Licht Reviewed
The Quietus

Review: Stockhausen's 'Mittwoch' is otherworldly in Birmingham
Los Angeles Times

Mittwoch aus Licht – The Guardian

Helicopters and camels: Stockhausen Mittwoch aus Licht gets staged premiere 15 years on

Ismael G. Cabral's Review of MTTWOCH aus LICHT (Spanish)

Review of CD 17.1 Für Kommende Zeiten (Spanish)

Review of CDs 16 MANTRA (Spanish)

Review of CDs 1 & 2 (Spanish)

Stockhausens "Sonntag aus Licht" für Kultur-Award nominiert - Review of CDs 6 & 8, with KONTAKTE and MIXTUR - Review of CDs 15 & 46, with POLE and SPIRAL - Review of CD 26 SIRIUS

Stockhausen Opera With Helicopters For London 2012 Festival - Review of CD 9 & 13 - Review of CD 7 - MOMENTE - Review of CD 100 - Jubiläum; Tierkreis

Klang: horas 4, 5 & 6 (Spanish)

Stockhausen-JUBILÄUM (Review/German)

We in Music Are Like Physicists-Stockhausen (.pdf)

Stockhausen: Conversations with the Composer
by Jonathan Cott (brief explanatory note for the new Table of Contents by
Mark J. St. Hilaire) (.pdf)

Stockhausen: Conversations with the Composer
by Jonathan Cott - new Table of Contents by Mark J. St. Hilaire (.pdf)

Paul McCartney Hopes to Release Funky Beatles Track (influenced by Cage and Stockhausen)

Stockhausen Takes Flight at Tempelhof

An introduction to HOFFNUNG was given by Kathinka Pasveer on August 31st 2008 on the occasion of the world première of HOFFNUNG performed by musicians of the musikFabrik at the West German Radio.

She proposed this form of question and answer dialogue to Alban Wesley, bassoonist in the ensemble, who moderated this introduction. English translation by Suzanne Stephens.

Introduction to HOFFNUNG by Kathinka Pasveer (German & English) (.pdf)

Mark Swed: Karlheinz Stockhausen memorial concert at Holland Festival

Goodbye Karlheinz Stockhausen by Holger Czukay

Note from Suzanne Stephens
about MIXTUR (PDF)

Review of FREUDE from Dusted Magazine By Marc Medwin

DIE ZEIT - Ins Schwarze
Karlheinz Stockhausen trifft größenwahnsinnig und humorvoll immer wieder auf die Zwölf.
Sein Orchesterwerk "Gruppen" von 1958 ist eine Eintrittskarte in die Welt der Neuen Musik.

I'd Love To Turn You On to: Stockhausen
The Prophetic Music of Stockhausen

REVIEW: Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mixtur (2003)
Salzburg Festival. 30 August 2006 By Robert Worby

Eine Todesfahrt rückwärts in die Erinnerung
Verwunschene Schönheitsempfindungen: Karlheinz Stockhausens
"Mixtur" von 1963 in einer Neufassung in Salzburg


Read the interview with Stockhausen the Guardian DID NOT publish. (PDF) Interview with Stockhausen

Karlheinz Stockhausen Wows at Numusic Festival, Day Three 27 Aug. 2005

OPERNWELT - Editorial 06.2005

FAZ.NET - Glosse Feuilleton Sakralmusikbedarf

L'ascension musicale de Stockhausen à Milan (LE MONDE)

What’s the frequency, Karlheinz?

Light Shines From Kurten

Times: Tape Salads That Fed Scores of Musicians


Freibrief an die Jugend (Charter for the Youth) was written by K. Stockhausen on June 16th 1968 for the Journal
Musical (Paris) which had requested a text entitled ”Charter for…”. It was published in German in the Frankfurter
Allgemeine Zeitung a few days later and in Volume 3 of Stockhausen’s TEXTE ZUR MUSIK / TEXTS ON MUSIC
1963–1970 (pages 292–295) in 1971.

Freibrief an die Jugend (Charter for the Youth) PDF

WELTMUSIK (World Music) was written by K. Stockhausen on April 8, 1973 for ”Musik international. Information
über Jazz, Pop, außer-europäische Musik”, ed. E Pütz & H.W. Schmidt = ”Die Garbe” V, Cologne 1975. Excerpts
first appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on November 17, 1973. Printed unabridged in ”Musik und
Bildung” (No. 1, 6th year, 1974) and in ”Universitas” (No. 6, 31st year, 1976). Published in Vol. 4 of Stockhausen’s
TEXTE ZUR MUSIK / TEXTS ON MUSIC 1970–1977 (pp. 468–476) in 1978.

Abridged English translation by Tim Nevill published in Towards a Cosmic Music (Element Books, 1989).

The present translation is a retranslation by Tim Nevill, revised and edited by Suzanne Stephens. It will be published
by the Stockhausen Foundation for Music in the forthcoming English translation of TEXTE ZUR MUSIK Vol. 4.



Michel Rigoni - LICHT DE STOCKHAUSEN (French)

Eulogy for Annette Meriweather by Suzee Stephens

To the International Music Council (PDF 149k)
This article is Stockhausen's reply to 25 questions posed by the
International Music Council and is dated November 21, 1984
Originally published in the Fall-Winter 1985 Perspectives of New Music
"this is an important text" - Stockhausen 

Introduction to the PIANO PIECES

Comes awakening, comes time -

Clavier Music 1992
Stockhausen Talks About The Piano

Translated by Jerome Kohl
Perspectives of New Music, vol. 31, no. 2
(Summer 1993)

Electronic Music For KATHINKA's CHANT as
Translated by Jerome Kohl
Perspectives of New Music, Spring-Summer 1995

(PDF 314 K) by Ronald C.Read and Lily Yen

Reprinted from the JOURNAL OF

Talking to the Composer
Karlheinz Stockhausen (GEMA)


Determinism and indeterminism throughout his work
Full English Version
Full French Version

The Timeless Power of the Divine
Stockhausen in conversation March 1999 by Ken Hollings.
The article originally appeared in The Wire Magazine, issue #184 June 1999.

From Tape Loops To MIDI - Stockhausen's 40 Years Of Electronic Music
by Michael Manion
"From his landmark electronic work, Gesang der Jünglinge
(Song of the Youths) from 1955/56 to his MIDI intensive opera,
Dienstag aus Licht (Tuesday from Light) from 1988-91,
German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has created some of
the most important and influential music of this century."

LICHT aus Stockhausen by Malcolm Ball
Ball reveals an exclusive interview with the giant of 20th
century music Karlheinz Stockhausen - First published in
the contemporary music magazine AVANT Issue 5.

Karlheinz Stockhausen By David Paul
Orginally published in SECONDS #44
This is possibly the best interview ever done with Stockhausen,
a must read for any Stockhausen fan. Thanks to Seconds Magazine

More Questions by David Paul for Stockhausen, May 9th 1997

An interview of Stockhausen by Björk

A reminicience by Holger Czukay,
one of the founders of the famous
German band, CAN

Girl's Procession (of MONDAY from LIGHT)

ROTARY Woodwind Quintet

Questions and Answers on Intuitive Music
This discussion took place during the lecture Live Electronic and Intuitive Music
given on November 15th 1971 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.
The lecture with discussion was filmed [Allied Artists, London], and was transcribed
from the film. Preceding the discussion, Stockhausen had played a tape recording
of ES and after the discussion played a recording of AUFWÄRTS.

Vibrato between Intuition and Mental Work

(Interview with Richard Dufallo on April 8th 1987 in Kürten; published in the book
Trackings: composers speak with Richard Dufallo, New York 1989, pp. 203-220.)

Download acontaining an interview conducted on
29 April 1990 between STOCKHAUSEN and Christopher Auretta and
Dr. Antonio Manuel Nunes Dos Santos of the University of Lisbon in Portugal.

Listening to Stockhausen

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Inori in Amsterdam -Poster (99K)