On November 19, 2009 the grave monument which Stockhausen had designed on December 31, 1997 was finally finished.

Front view of monument

Rear view of monument

The LIGHT-Formula (the final super formula of WEDNESDAY transposed to the original pitches of the super formula)
was to be shown on a circle with the last sung text in MICHAELION of WEDNESDAY from LIGHT.
The complete text of the final sextet follows.

WEDNESDAY from LIGHT closes with a sextet, which is sung surrounding the listeners and finally, resounding in all spaces:
(Six vocalists stand surrounding the audience.)

Mankind, hear:
MICHAEL EVE are healing the World,
LUCIFER will be brought around through the music of LIGHT.

[: MI :]

(The vocalists rotate clockwise, holding the chord.)
Micha Luci Evaelferlu Micha
and all angels of Heaven praise GOD
with us, messengers from Michaelion!
Blessing brings praise.
Praise, gratitude for the miracles of the stars, planets.
All spirits turn in spirals towards the Light of the World,
eternally ascending to GOD, creating in the All.
Listen to the sound of the galaxies, magical music,
music of rotating tones, rushing noises, spectra.

[: CHA :]

Rejoice jubilate children,
rejoice, jubilate, rejoice jubilate,
for never has mankind known so much
about the heavenly bodies, starry firmament!
Be glad: WEDNESDAY from LIGHT in the Michaelion
engenders love hope courage
for Lucifer’s peace with GOD,
the creator of all universes, creatures.

[: EL :]

[: MICHAEL  EVE  LUCIFER :]  (3x)  
Music of the stars in the sky of the Almighty,
Dream of spheres in eternal galaxies,
Formulas of innumerable constellations,
Formulas for tones noises of LIGHT.
[: EVE forgive LUCIFER :]
LUCIFER, turn your spirit towards MICHAEL,
serve GOD’S law,
the fundamental of the All.
MI-HI-CHA-EL, GOD’S Son, Cosmo-Creator, Cosmic Prince:
lead us to GOD’S everlasting light.
WEDNESDAY from LIGHT is the day of consensus:
Hear, mankind: in our part
– voice of the Intuition –
it says to sing love forever
through solicitous formula music
in praise of GOD: