Answering numerous questions about the beginning and end of the work on LICHT:

The composition of HIKARI (the Japanese word for light), with the German title JAHRESLAUF (COURSE OF THE YEARS) was begun in September 1977 in Japan as a commission of the National Theatre in Tokyo where the world première took place on October 31st 1977.

LICHT-BILDER (LIGHT-PICTURES) of SUNDAY from LIGHT has been composed last and finished on December 31st 2002 in Kürten. It was commisioned by the studio C.C.M.I.X. Paris, and will be premièred on October 16th 2004 at the Donaueschingen Music Festival, Germany.

LICHT with its Seven Days of the Week lasts about 29 hours of music:

THURSDAY from LIGHT 240 minutes,

SATURDAY from LIGHT 185 minutes,

MONDAY from LIGHT 278 minutes,

TUESDAY from LIGHT 156 minutes,

FRIDAY from LIGHT 290 minutes,

WEDNESDAY from LIGHT 267 minutes,

SUNDAY from LIGHT 298 minutes.

Karlheinz Stockhausen